“It is a lively Salon!” (Nekomusume-San)

Beauty and cute it is vibrant at any time please, feel the passion for warmth of personality of the teacher and work!
These also sincerely hope to further advancement.

“Battered women's various troubles” (Mimi's)

Forcibly, I asked for an eyelashes perm until such a time.
In addition to eyelashes information, I would like to make it a rush temple for various worries as a woman, having tremendous information on her skin and health.
Thank you very much.

Beautiful cute and it's has received relate to slimming.
Around but everyone listen to go to slimming, but not skinny and... I really lose weight-and was 6th in the West and thigh, 3 centimeters while down.
When wearing a dress sense has changed considerably.
It has chronic shoulder almost improved.
Regardless-I and feel good about wanting to go.

“Just a beautiful magician!” (Princess's)

Beauty cute Eyelash extensions is the best!
Taniguchi's owner's genius dexterity and study hard, technology grant requests like a charm and sincerity ~ ☆
Warm, clean salon in a pink uniform, and TANIGUCHI, healed very positive personality ~ ☆
Taniguchi suppin smile!
The skin beauty. It is very persuasive ~ ☆
Is really a magician of the beautiful ~ ☆

“Friendly advice & explanations” (Satosann)

But recently, the teacher every day learned that suppin!
It is through. Once again surprised at Mr. skin sore&It is respected.
I immediately became anxious recently and consulted about the dullness of my cheeks.
Despite the busy hours, he listened to the story kindly and explained the structure of the dermis of the skin and the ingredients of cosmetics in an easy-to-understand manner.
Best with which students featured in skin lightening cream daily care ~!

“Suddenly a soft to the touch!” (Karayuki-San)

The day before yesterday, the extensions with minor facial surgery facial care now.
We feel lifted and above all has significantly altered the texture ~ ♪
Caring can continue to do my best!

“In pursuit of the beauty of true inspiring!” (Let us,)

I heard the radio to.
Amazing right. Beauty is truly mind and body from me.
I was once again impressed by the attitude of pursuing true beauty, not just super perihion.

“I'm very happy every time.” (Mr. Uni.)

I learned from the fold that was in the newspaper, and I decided to use this.
1I'm very happy about four times every month.
Cleaning your eyes has led to such a source of energy! I feel that.
I like this salon very much because the person in charge also treats me kindly and politely.

“I'm glad I was here!!” (Mr. AZU.)

The teacher is very nice!
You can trust it, and you can rest assured that it is good even if you leave everything to you.
The menu contents will also be explained in detail, so you will also get knowledge.
If you are thinking about which to choose from other shops, please go to beauty cute! !
I think it was good to be here!!

“I'll come again!” (Mii-san)

It was my first time, but I was very satisfied. I'll come again.
The correspondence was also very good.

“My "healing spot"” (Mr. Na- san)

I am very happy that you always respond warmly.
It is my "healing spot". Thank you for taking care of me in the future.

“I want to use it for a long time from now on.” (Erica.)

The staff are very friendly and courteous.
The technology is also excellent, and I use it once a month.
I have many opportunities to go abroad, but this clam and nails are very popular.
It is a salon that I want to use for a long time from now on.

“I go all the way from Tokyo.” (Mr. Pyon)

It is a wonderful salon that is very girly and calm.
The staff, including Mr. Taniguchi, are very kind and the technology is wonderful.
I go all the way from Tokyo.
If you are highly conscious of beauty or have problems, please consult us.

“Reward yourself ♪” (Yumi-san)

I always respond politely and kindly.
Eyelashes P are very satisfied with the beautiful finish one by one.
It was my first experience of esthetics, but it was a dreamy feeling and really ... It feels like a face is shaped.
I hope to continue to reward myself.

“I leave it to you with confidence!” (Mayu-san)

I've been indebted for more than two years!
The owner, Yoshimi Taniguchi, and other staff who feel good ~☆☆☆☆
In addition, since it is only staff with technical skills, I leave it to you with confidence!
I can relax the atmosphere which is at home and unpretentious even if I take it~☆
It is a feeling that "I am healed while being beautiful ~☆".

“I'm looking forward to continuing.” (Mr. Yaki)

The owner, Mr. Taniguchi, has real beautiful skin, and I don't think there are many people who have such beautiful skin.
The beauty drink I mentioned the other day is still the second one, but my skin becomes one tone brighter and surprised!
It is a feeling that the reward line and golgo line to be worried about have faded.
I'm looking forward to continuing.

“Salon that can be taken care of in total” (Mr. Notsu)

Beauty and health, the outside of the body&It is a salon ♪ that can be taken care of inside and total
For a year and a few months after I started going to school, my skin and squashed hair that was full of troubles came to life ☆
Also, thanks to the supplement, basal body temperature is rising and the cold is improving, so you are not afraid of harsh winters!
This time I am planning to ask for a new beauty treatment called Herbal Sea ☆ I am ♪ looking forward to

“I'm glad you asked me. ♪ ” (Toto-san)

I've received herbalsea☆
Now, 4 days have passed, and I feel that the old stratum corneum is leaking and the skin is being reborn.
What impressed me was the lack of pores in my nose. ♪
Until now, even if the gel to be melted and taken is melted every day, it does not become small, and the problem that foundation enters the pores and stands out extra has been solved at a stretch ☆
Because the firmness came out overall, the spin line became thin, too.
It's a season where you meet a lot of people, so it was ♪ good to ask

“Stains that I couldn't get no matter what I did ...! ” (Mr. Bibi)

A stain that could not be taken no matter what was done, such as lasers, drinking medicines, hydro ○ non, peeling, placenta undiluted solution, whitening cosmetics, etc. in dermatology.
Harbarsea thinned in the third time.
I was impressed!
I had given up because it was said that pigmentation had to be considered in several years even in the predecessor of dermatology.
The color becomes white and the firmness comes out and it feels advantageous.
Thanks to the serum and jelly I recommended here, acne that I have been worried about for many years has almost disappeared, and I am grateful to Mr. Beautiful Cute.
What should I try next?

“Reliable Salons” (M child)

We always treat you with care.
I went there after a long time, but it is still a reliable salon.
I would like to go again.

“If beauty cute is gone, you can not live!” (Mari-san)

It is very helpful because you are allergic and friendly and consult with us.
If beauty cute is gone, you can not live!

“I like it very much. ♪” (Mari-san)

It's always a fun conversation, and all the staff are wonderful. I like it very much.
Needless to say, the atmosphere there is important in the shop.
In that sense it is nice! !

“I'll pass again from now on.” (Mr. Miki.)

5Thank you for the first time in 20 years.
As usual, I was happy again by the kind response of the staff and the wonderfulness of the technology, and I was able to hear from you.
There are many shops, and I was having a little cheating, but I will pass again from now on.
I was worried about watching it on TV, a slimming menu called a hypa knife, next time please.

“I was able to reduce the size of the foot.” (Yuka-san)

I go to a slimming menu called Hyper Knife.
Every time, he gave me various advice, and I was able to reduce the size of the foot that I was most worried about.
It is a problem only that there is a good product and you want what you see. smile.
However, it is a shop that you can go with confidence because there is no force sales at all.

“I am very satisfied! !” (Kako-san)

I go to receive a head massage with a reward for myself once a month.
I have been receiving a head massage at a hairdresser's until now, but the massage not only to the head but also to the back and collarbone is healed the best.
Hair loss has decreased, and the volume that was troubled comes out and I am very satisfied.

“It might be good for the purpose of dieting.” (Yori Nyan-san)

I experienced "fascia therapy 90 minutes hyper knife 10 minutes".
After it is over, I think that the feeling that the body is twisted has healed.
I experienced it at a time when it hurts quite a lot, so I thought that it was good as a diet purpose.

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