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Age spots, wrinkles, sagging, acne or pores troubles improvement, small face, hyper knife slimming, Brazilian wax, light hair removal
Those concerned about cosmetic surgery consultation, thinning hair-Trichotillomania grow hair mashike extensions

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Product selection

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(1)Victoria slender Keep

(2)Victoria slender True

Want to lose anyway!
Eating well diet complete support is True.

"Camellia" new material of the effectiveness of diet and ingredients are ginseng fruit, mulberry leaves, diet supplement that blended Oriental plants, amino acids and coenzymes, such as 11 different material further.

In addition, increasing synergy of nutrients with each material, will support the diet.

¥ 19800

(3)Aquavinasseries aquawater

It is collected from Okinawa's deep sea marine deep water-Gri-X 100% lotion.
In a friendly, comfortable use and your skin.
Can use your face and body.

150ml / ¥ 5400
60ml / ¥ 2592

(4)Aquavinasseries trial set

It is a trial set skincare doctor riser staple Okinawa marine deep water "aquavinaus" you can try please feel free to.

Set includes:
Cleansing SOAP 30 g 20 g
Water 30 ml and gel 10 ml and pH 10 g

(Approximately one week)¥ 3564

(5)Josianne role essence CAP role AC

※ Usually skin for
Essences for massage relieve the clogging of pores and keep the scalp clean.

28ml / ¥ 8400
58ml / ¥ 15600

(6)Josianne role essence CAP role AP

* Dandruff and oily hair for
Dandruff, essences for massage to improve the itchy, oily hair.

28ml / ¥ 8400
58ml / ¥ 15600

(7)Josianne role lotion Briones

And control the pH of the scalp lotion scalp up to normal.

130ML ¥ 3600
250ml / ¥ 6200

(8)Josianne role van stimulant(Ban ST.)

Relieve stress bases sense.

200ML / ¥ 4600
500ml / ¥ 10000

(9)Josianne role CH treatment

Supple texture with a glossy shine and smooth finger as follows to finish treatment.

110g / ¥ 4000
270g / ¥ 8800

(10)Josianne role claims volume

Damaged hair and scalp recommended luxury Pack.

90ml / ¥ 6800
180ml / ¥ 12000

(11)Josianne role shampowanausalg

While cleaning up the sebum in the pores and give plenty of nutrients to hair and scalp shampoo.

2004200 Yen / ml
500ml / ¥ 9400

(12)Skin improvement system doctor riser

Uozumi and feed I use

(13)Nonevbodyhawmkea slimming series

(14)Rubble de haircare series

Rumors of restoring hair dryer

(15)Rubble drenner series

Enza min enzyme power


You want to lose to.
Prior to dining here.