Yokohama-shi Aoba-Ku, aobadai-20s from rush Salon our 80's daily beauty and health is a health care partner Salon
Age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, pores, pimples, Improve problem skin, small face facial and yarn hair for five types of peeling, doctor riser, slimming and hair per knife, capillary blood flow check-Brazilian waxing and light hair removal, Eyelash extensions, Eyelash curl and netlabasti and nail and head and cosmetic medicine and gold-mashike


About beauty cute menu

Beauty cute is supported, this June, and open from 11 years and this year 12 years already.
Improvement of each staff worries a new menu and added as a favorite treatment menu is now of Eyelash extensions, Eyelash perming, Eyelash growth hair mashike rescue, Este netlabasti, ageingkeafeishall, spots and acne improvement, light hair removal, waxing, Slimming to the body and head massage, nail, beauty care, improve our troubles covers a broad range let we are.

Capillary blood flow check you can see all of the body is a priceless menu for you to experience.
In special purpose machines can be observed in the fingertip capillary blood flow for yourself, your body now, what state do you can look in the eye.

Rather than even just lose the weight and life habit review such as "diet", "movement" and "sleep", Fusion Salon care and home care, without a healthy and beautiful is a program to get slim.

And our goal is! Now Fundation!
Please leave it bothers your skin problems improve.
And, it is part beauty such as eyelashes and nails.

To be beautifully without wasted time, wasted the money put beauty cute will send the latest beauty health information.
All staff are experienced, good stuff and none of the results we offer!
Achieving results is advisory physician contracts no other salon and Salon certification Advisor, advice Dr. support.

Himself, can help in the revision of the customs of everyday life "diet" and "movement" "sleep" and Salon "treatment", "goods" proposal, in the beauty and health to support!

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