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★ beauty skin mask ~ beauty skin mask ~

I'm Miyuki Staff.

Masks are becoming an indispensable part of our lives.
1There are a lot of things that I wear during the day,
It can be hot and uncomfortable, isn't it?

The coming season,
With a mask that's just for you,
Would you like to spend your time comfortably?

This mask.


I decide the size by myself according to your face,
I can cut it!
It's easy to breathe,
The face line goes up, too.
It is an excellent thing! !


By the way, I cut it a little too much、、、

I can see my husband's right tooth.
This is also a charm!

There are times like this in areas that I'm not good at (laughs),
Please leave the skin improvement to me! !
Facial calendar 27 years ...
As a facial pro
We will treat you with confidence.

If you have any questions about masks, please contact
Please feel free to talk about the app or call us.
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